"I came for laser hair removal & laser skin resurfacing treatment. I find the place very clean with a relaxing ambiance. I felt at home as I was given a warm reception by the staff. It was easy to establish rapport with them as they took time answering my questions & explaining the procedures I needed without giving me the typical sales talk. Very professional approach. After the series of treatments that I received, the improvement on my skin was remarkably noticeable, from smoother texture & my sunspots totally gone! I don't wear as much makeup anymore! The fat burning treatments I had was painless, just felt like a massage with absolutely no downtime. I am bikini-ready! I am quite happy with the results, I'm definitely coming back! I'd say it was the ultimate spa service!" Marline Egesi

"For years I wanted to have laser hair removal and stop using a razor on my back, but never followed up with it because I was too shy and self-conscious. Until I was approached by laser clinic staff and she made me feel comfortable to go ahead with it. I got the nerve and scheduled an appointment. It's been a positive experience and Holly has made me feel at ease. It's great not having to shave anymore!!!! It's really great." Fred K.

"These are very professional and knowledgeable people. I am very pleased with my results and I will definitely purchase more treatments from Laser Medical Clinic." - Peter Sullivan


"I underwent laser skin rejuvenation and skin tightening for wrinkles as I'm already 69 yr. old. I found the service good, procedure was painless, very customer friendly staff, and the outcome is great, in fact beyond my expectation and at very reasonable price. I will definitely go back to their clinic and to try the other services they offer. I highly recommend them". Ken Williamson, Richmond Hill


"Since my young teen years, I have experienced acne. Now, at the age of 40, my acne scars are noticeable. The fractionated laser has helped my skin appear smoother and reduced the scarring sites. My second problem from being an overactive tanner, both indoor and outdoor. I have premature signs of aging, mainly lines under my eyes. I read about the fractionated but never knew where to go for this treatment. I longed to be able to utilize this treatment device for both acne scars and crow's feet. After my first treatment, I was astonished. My crow's feet are dramatically less visible. It appears to me I look younger or rather closer to my age. This is the best treatment I have done so far- trust me, I've done it all! Don't wait as long as I did. I couldn't be happier with the treatment and specialist. Words can't express their compassion and knowledge. I love this place." -Pat Berry
"Words can't express their compassion and knowledge. I love this place. I feel like I am part of their family." -Kyle Park


"Prior to coming to Medical Clinic, I had major insecurities about my skin. But after a couple of treatments I have noticed much firmer and younger looking skin. I have received countless compliments and I couldn't be happier! I am very pleased with the treatment. Thank you so much." - Sam Noer


"I have had a few treatments to improve the appearance of the ghastly spider veins on my legs. All I have to say is that the results and effects of the treatments were exactly what I was looking for!! Laser Medical Clinic has made this an enjoyable experience, and I am very happy that I looked into this treatment and that I had chosen them to do it for me!" - Jenny Franklin., Newmarket

"After my first pregnancy, I had a large amount of spider veins on my legs. I had three sclerotherapy treatments and now most of the veins are gone, and the ones that remain are so light that they aren't noticeable. I am extremely happy with my results!!!" - Sandy Larson, Vaughn


"I have only done one treatment so far and still have two to go but so far so good! I'm excited!! I can already see major results." - Randy Kapland