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Messculpt has lipolytic action. L-carnitine promotes the utilization of fat cells and their use as a power source, after carrying out the hydrolysis of triglycerides free fatty acids transport into the mitochondria. Dezoksiholievaya provides adipocyte lysis of the cell membrane to yield adipocyte content (fatty acids) into the extracellular space, and phosphatidylcholine fat dissolves in water to form an emulsion which is subsequently subjected to a process involving phagocytosis of macrophages and multinucleated giant cells. This combination of active ingredients helps to achieve the most rapid effect slimming and cellulite removal. The drug also improves the skin: tones, moisturizes, strengthens the protective properties of the epidermis.

What is Mesosculpt?

Mesosculpt injections should not be regarded as a new miracle drug for weight reduction. However in the case of fat deposits which cannot be removed by diet or exercise then injections are effective. They do this by helping the natural metabolic process during which fat is melted away and then eliminated from the body. The medication is directly injected into the area concerned.

Areas suitable for treatment are: Double chin, Cheeks, Eye Fat Pads, Buttocks, Thighs, Love Handles, Hips, Stomach, Upper Arm, Knee and Elbow Joints...

The medication is a natural chemical which acts in the body to protect the liver, and has also been used by doctors for many years to prevent fat embolism in the blood. How it works: The biology of the fat cell is modified by blocking the signals of fat accumulation and simultaneously triggering the release of stored fat.

Mesotherapy can target specific areas or spots where your body stores excessive fat. The customized Mesotherapy formula injected in a specific area blocks the cells from storing fat and helps break the existing fat cells down. After Mesotherapy your body then naturally flushes out the broken-down fat. Spot reduction can be used for double chins, baggy eyelids, love handles and any other area where your body pockets fat.

How many treatments do patients need?

The number of treatments differs from person to person, depending upon body region and body size. As a rule, 4 – 6 treatments in intervals of 2- 4 weeks are necessary to successfully complete the treatment•        

MesoSculpting is a similar to process to MesoCellulite, but focuses on localized regions of fat that build up on areas such as the arms, hips, abdomen, thighs, neck or chin. A series of MesoSculpt injections, which involves the use of PPC, allows the fat to be broken down and slowly eliminated from the body, with results that are measurable in inches

MesoSculpt is used to reduce or eliminate the fat pads under the eyes that cause older eyes to look "baggy". It can also be used to reduce the fat under the chin and around the cheeks, giving a leaner, younger look to the face and neck. For spot weight reduction in the waist it can be used to reduce the abdominal, hips and buttocks fat deposits.

Accent Laser

What is Accent Radio Frequency therapy? Accent therapy uses both uni- and bi- polar radio frequency (RF) to treat cellulite and other fatty deposits. It primarily works in three ways. First, it heats underneath the skin causing fat cells to shrink. Secondly, it improves circulation to the area. And finally, it stimulates collagen production which makes the area look smoother.

Accent Facts

  • Uses dual radio frequency to affect fatty deposits and stimulate collagen growth.
  • Immediate results after first session
  • Nearly painless treatment and recovery

How does Accent work? Accent's RF hand piece penetrates from 2 to 6 mm into the skin, reaching both the adipose or fatty tissue and the cellulite. Heating to these tissue depths improves circulation and initiates a breakdown of fibrous tissue. Also, Accent promotes the re-absorption and drainage of retained fluids and toxins.

Accent RF treatments can create dramatic change in the appearance of cellulite, typically without any downtime. Some patients report redness in the treatment area that is usually gone within 1 day.

What makes Accent different? The unique combination of both RF energies, unipolar and bipolar provides controlled dermal heating to two separate depths of tissue. Simultaneous cooling is applied to make treatment more comfortable and protect the skin. Accent provides long lasting results in just a few quick treatments, and unlike other cellulite laser technologies, progress is usually visible immediately after each session.

The ACCENT has been used in Europe and in other regions outside of the United States where it has shown to not only improve cellulite and reduce fat, but has also been shown to produce actual weight loss. The ACCENT also uses RF energy for body and facial contouring and skin tightening effects.

*result may vary for each individual